Conference Venue

CQUniversity Rockhampton North, is the university's main campus and administrative centre providing a service community for the largely rural Central Queensland region. The campus has lush gardens and lots of greenery, providing a tranquil and picturesque environment to study in.

CQUniversity Rockhampton, North boasts a range of state of the art facilities, including the recently refurbished library and Engineering Precinct as well as the new Allied Health Clinic which serves the greater public as well as providing students with hands-on practical learning experiences.

The Rockhampton North Campus is a 10 minute drive to the city centre and 15 minute drive to the Rockhampton Airport and railway station. The campus is only a short distance from motels and hotels, supermarkets, food outlets and a doctors surgery. 

All conference sessions will be held within the buildings and grounds of the campus. For more information and a campus map please click here