Who should attend?

Anyone interested in the future of regional Australia should attend this conference. Whether you are an academic, senior manager, policy officer, community engagement expert, healthcare worker or local councillor, the conference program has been specifically designed to focus on issues that are relevant to education, regional development and sustainable futures for regional communities.

In particular delegates from universities, training organisations, local councils, regional development organisations, government agencies and departments, mining, agricultural and technology industries will benefit from attending. 

Specifically, the key benefits of attending the conference either as a delegate or speaker include:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with decision-makers
  • Opportunities to learn from regional experts
  • Opportunities to share your knowledge
  • Opportunities to establish new partnerships
  • Opportunities to identify new research linkages
  • Opportunities to contribute ideas that will support strong regional futures

If you have an interest in regional Australia, then this conference will provide a platform for you share your voice with an engaged audience and establish new networks that have the potential to make a difference to regional futures.

There has never been a more important time to work together, share knowledge, commit to research and highlight the importance of our regions!